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Speech: RACE IN AMERICA: 'A More Perfect Union' - Barack Obama
Exclusive: Listen to the first Global Warming PSA from 1988

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Town Crier TV is a collection of visual stories from our global village told by folks who share a vision of a more civil and sustainable world.

The issues addressed cover the spectrum of the issues of our day. From ecology and family to rights, ethics, business, poverty, peace, love, hate, diversity, science & technology, netizenship, space, food, justice, culture, art, wellness, apathy & more.

The focus is the future... and how we can best get there from here.

The presentation format plays like a video "mix tape". Watching it from beginning to end gives a sense of the 'collective mood', as well as charts 'where we at' on the Issues of Our Time.

NOTE: Some videos depict graphic images and a few contain profanity. Such is the nature of reality.

Town Crier TV is a messenger of and for the 'Global Village'. The neWWW community!

A key question is... will sites like this serve as a platform for the humanization of Netizens? Another big question is one that by its very nature requires a 'Town Crier' to answer: Are You a Town Crier?

Even if you answered NO!, your a Crier. For as soon as you open your mouth, for or against; or keep it closed in apathy, you are selling something.

So why not cry-out for The Global Village? Why not watch Town Crier TV and share the view?

Town Criers don't just talk, we first must watch, listen, and learn. Then share. We will grow a civilized sustainable planet... or die trying.

Claude A. Rallins ~ Town Crier TV

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